What We Do

What is a Community Foundation?

There are 46 Community Foundations across the UK with the shared aim of helping individuals, families, companies, charitable trusts and public sector bodies connect with, support and invest in their local communities across the UK.

They address a wide range of issues and provide funding for the hardest to reach communities through ‘grassroots’ charities and community groups.

In essence, a Community Foundation is a vehicle for corporate and other giving which can act locally and sensitively to help build social capital over the longer term. The concept originated in the United States and Canada over eighty years ago. Foundations now command assets worth millions of pounds and make grants totally many hundreds of thousands each year.

A community foundation encourages philanthropy within a specific geographical area, and does so by raising new monies to build an endowment fund from individual and corporate donors, making grants from the investment income and other funds to tackle.

We are the Community Foundation for Wakefield District

The Community Foundation was founded in 2007 and has been in operation for 13 years.

Wakefield District is one of the largest in England, covering a large geographic area. It has a lot to be proud of and in recent years there has been significant investment which has bucked much of the national trend. However, despite this, there are still major pockets of deprivation and it is these areas that we are aiming to target.

Thousands of charities and voluntary groups work tirelessly across the district to address these in equalities, and help their communities. Wakefield Community Foundation invests in these groups and, where appropriate helps new ones to be formed. We do this by raising funds and distributing grants, convening debates, sharing advice and, as such, aim to be a force for good throughout the district.

The Community Foundation relies on the generosity of businesses and individuals who care about where they live and work and who want to ‘give something back’.

So far, we have awarded over £1.7 million pounds to charities, community groups and individuals in need. Ultimately, we improve lives and unite the people of Wakefield District through philanthropy.


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