Associates Club

Our associates play a vital role in enabling us to continue making a positive difference to people’s lives in our district. We are driven by a love for the Foundation’s mission and a passion for making a positive difference in people’s lives.


Why join?

  • Knowing you are helping your community
  • You get regular insights into local issues
  • You receive invitations to exclusive events
  • It is a small price to pay compared to the benefits
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Small Business
Up to 20 employees


  • You are supporting the community you rely on
  • You will get a Display Certificate
  • You will receive regular bulletins on the issues that matter locally
  • You will have use of WCF logo
  • Be invited to local networking events
  • Get local publicity based on your support
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Corporate Members


  • You are fulfilling your Corporate responsibility
  • A Plaque to proudly display
  • Your logo on WCF website
  • Regular Bulletins and insights into local issues
  • Regular invitations to exclusive events
  • Publicity demonstrating your care for the community
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* We have a supporters award for small business and Corporate sponsor of the year.

Thanks to your involvement and support, we can increase our help for local causes, addressing the needs that exist in the communities of Wakefield and the five towns.


Make a one off donation above via Local Giving, or learn about how you can help.